Ching A ching Ching!

I’d been eyeing up a few games over a few months and I finally got a few yesturday. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Only released last week but I was heavy in to Mass Effect Andromeda. I love it reminds me of Diablo III but just that much more appeasing.

I’m currently downloading Dishonored again and I caved and got Dishonored 2 since its on sale via Steam.

I also managed to get two more movies to complete our Taken DvD, Taken 2 and Taken 3 with Liam Neeson. I really, Really wanna see the NBC Show of Taken with Clive Standen in it But that isn’t happening any fuckin’ day soon. as good as it gets I get to view his Instagram and Wish!

The rain has stopped for now but the wind is still battling on us, Eye of the storm pretty much Sunny, Blue skies with a patches of cloud moving back on to us. Tomorrow is set for more freaking rain! Winter is most definitely here!

Beta testing for the necromancer in Diablo III is approaching, I will not be surprised if I get selected to test, I’ve been selected many a time to test something for Blizzard. Just if Its got a NDA on it I cant share anything.. If not Then peek a boo for my game blog.

Cats are driving me insane this morning .. I feeling like crap which doesn’t help.

A Crash into Andromeda.

And that basically how it was starting in the game, Falling, falling and the flashes of death that had once been experienced with our previous Hero Commander Shepard rushed through my mind and my first words “Embrace death!” But If you haven’t yet played the game you just have to go play to see what my next thoughts possibly where. There has been a lot of critic about this game and honestly If you come looking to debate if You should spend that much money on a Bioware game. Yep It is worth the cost!

However The facial expressions are a concern but not overly a big concern, I believe TotalBiscuit said it perfectly about a paper bag fix. Keep your Helm on and you will never see it or notice those lil’ issues and hope for a fix later in time. Yes I hear many saying but I hate helms.. I hear you I really do But if your gonna be upset over a facial expression its a fix and It get you through the game without judging  the game on that issue and that alone. and those that are are truly not visual creatures, There is many a worse game out there  with more crappy graphic issues than picking a well created game over this one issue. so open your mind a lil’ just a lil to get past that fact.

And then the other issue I had was creation of Your Ryder  one setting is for a pale/white pathfinder 0.5  was my number for that the rest if you  like me and like to give your hero’s a lil sun tan would end up darker than desired when loaded in game. I think They need to equal that out a lil more and cover the issue of how it looks in creation to when its actually loaded. I have nothing agaist dark skin people, I’m Maori myself But hell Bioware be a lil’ equal on that.
As most know I beta test, I have beta Tested a lot of games in my time and while Bioware stated it was golden (Dev Talk for completed, Polished) I did find one bug/glitch and it prevents progression, Its a Side quest so not a big issue but annoying never the less, But There been other reports mentioned and fans can only hope if Bioware really did take a page from CDPROJECKT RED That they fix these ASAP and all of them not some or that one. But we will have to wait and see if that is such the case.

A side from the bug and the facial issues Its a Good game, I did everything side quests and story line and completed it in 4 days!

I would have given it a five star rating but I known from past experience How patches go with Mass Effect, Hell they never fixed the Black Pixel box issue that AMD machines endure So 4 stars!

End of Azeroth …

I started to play World of Warcraft in Nov. 2007. I had given up on Guild wars after much melodrama in the Faction farming community and with in the drama that associated with being in the [Any] Alliance and [ReVo] Guild.  To explain it a lil more I started Guild wars in 2006 after reading about it I started on Europe servers only to switch to US after a valuable lesson with a guild and it’s leader who I met and was hauled in to its drama with out knowing what was actually happening. I’ve never got along with people from the Netherlands, I dunno why But each individual I have met from that country just ends up being a terrible experience. So I try not to interact with such people I aim for US servers or most preferred now Oceanic/Australian servers.

I quit Guildwars in Nov. 2007 after drama, Loss of people who I thought where friends but proved they where not and I never looked back. I still have my account I just only log it once a blue moon a year to get birthday pressies. I went to WoW, No one knew me, I knew no one and I slowly met friends or my dearest Truth friends followed. Rik, Jeck, Blood, Just to name a few. It was awesome a fresh game and new world where we explored and had laughs like we all once had. However over time some of those I knew from Revo/Any would appear years later.

I seen changes with World of Warcraft, possibly more than any of my friends I stuck it out and as of today i canceled my subscription. Forcing my questing in to a mythic Dungeon is not what I finding fun, Its annoying and I hate it It’s preventing me carrying on  let alone enjoy the game. Its been this way for a few weeks after Legion was release and with patch 7.2 that launched last night its made it all the more disheartening. I canceled and I doubt I will be looking back or anything unless they remove the force people to a mythic.. I wanna enjoy it but so many assholes in dungeons along with the dreaded 33 minute wait to enter is a joke. So no I never got Lich King’s Mount I tossed in the towel.

Goodbye Azeroth!

5 days … Living in a Fallout.

     I’ve been playing Fallout 4, I tried to play it when it first came out but my save was wiped and I was pissed off enough to not bother again at the time and the fact  I prolly was beta testing anyways so I got over it. I decided to  try it again and now I’m sitting at level 55 or there about. I managed to find my “son” Shaun (ironic because I know where my son Sean is) But I hated the Institute, How the doctors spoke really had me think “Fuck you” While doing a few quests with them I started to just not feel anything for my so called elderly son and I shot him in his quarters.

It ended up being hell raising hell but I was shooting everything and anything that shot me. Lucky I knew where the Lift was and Left the way I came in HAHA! So now I’m a wanted man in my game and I’m doing what I can to survive.

So why did I decided to shoot Shaun, Something in me just didn’t click, Sure he’s prolly actually dead regarding my hero around 200 something in age, So I just pulled the trigger, The old Saying I brought you in this world I can take you out. But When I looted him He pretty much was a synth. No regrets!

Some of the sights in this game I like even though it’s  ugly after nukes destroyed it, So I only have 5 days till the game I playing to play is launched so I’ll be living in Fallout 4 till then.

Launch … 3.2.1

I have played Mass Effect Trilogy many a time. But we have waited 5 years to have a new Mass Effect. Mass Effect 3 was good, Though many a fan have a different point of view on the trilogy Ending. But it was disappointing that Commander Shepard had his fateful end. In my games I’ve tried all and just loved the synthetic ending. But in a matter of days via my Vault Access on Origin I get to play Mass Effect Andromeda a week pry to it’s Launch. I paid for both my Son and I to enjoy our Andromeda experience with out awaiting for deliveries of our copies on the 23rd. So my blog is gonna end up with footage, I plan to record but that may happen after my first play through I like to enjoy the game first without record issues etc.

For now enjoy this video, The official Launch Trailer.

Note: I do not own the video included It is an Official of Bioware/EA Games. I do not claim any rights or so to it but merely sharing from a fan point of view. Its all about the hype right anyway

Mass Effect Black Box Glitch. [Temporary Fix]

Mass Effect as in the first game has a blitch that seems to happen with AMD users. The black boxes appears on Shepard and the two squad members in both Peak 15 and Ilos. A temporary fix involves to use the console and typing in a command which lightens up the the game giving view once again but it is recommend to switch it off after completely both sections.

If your not savvy with Computers and Coding I suggest you don’t do this. If you do its o your own risk! I’m sharing this for my own personal use.

1) Inside your ~/Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect folder open BIOInput in a text editor.
2) Add line ConsoleKey=Tilde under [Engine.Console]. This enables the console.
3) In game, when the glitch crops up, hit the Tilde key (~) to open the console and type viewmode unlit. Press Enter and close the console.

This is only a temporary fix. The lighting will look a bit strange while it is active.

4) Type viewmode lit in console to disable. Or restart the game.

The console has a handy History function. Use the arrow keys to access previous console commands.