Black Pirate

I have had a few ask about my Mogit sets I’m made for my Hunter, I’m only starting to get in to Mog alts so in time I possibly will share there  styles I create also. I seldom use a full set of other/older gear, I love to mix n’match, What drives me is color, If I can get a color match then it normal go’s to plan.This was my first mog set I did when it became available on Live Servers. I love the color black So being my first set I had to do a Black theme and I love Pirates! So I just had to have a eye patch to boot too ^_^Note the head piece is Leather, I no longer own this so if I was to redo it I’d have to find a different head piece, But as a Hunter You used to I dunno if you still can But you used to be able to use either leather or mail gear. I will have to check this So very rusty and I’ve always geared as mail.
The gear used in this theme is as follows …