Diablo’s 20th Anniversary in WoW.

So with Diablo’s 20th Anniversary. Blizzard have added Diablo theme events in their  other games games besides adding in Diablo 3 the original Diablo as a 16 level Dungeon that will only appear in January of every year.

Feat of Strength Achievement for Diablo’s 20th Anniversary

In WoW they have an event happening which I did go and do and gained the Feat of Strength achievement Diablo’s 20th Anniversary. You only get it when you kill the Cow god and collect the guitar 12 string toy!

However I ended up going thru the portal after killing the goblin with all bows a blazin’ and ended up in PvP with an Alliance Demon Hunter who was already in PvP, What he didn’t expect I had  my Son who likes to kill anything in PvP and he was raped after he killed me. The downer with this is when you die you have to go back to the portal the goblin drops to either kill the cow again or if your lucky as I was to just collect your loot. I managed to collect my stuff then as shown below hearthstone to get out of there.

Got my loot and got the fuck outta there!