The Vanguard – Mass Effect

Fem Shepard.

I never got in to Mass Effect when it first came out, I heard about it but never really leaped on the wagon of lets get it until Mass Effect 3 was out. I know I’m slow! But I read and saw many play to and I decided to just get it randomly no reason I think I prolly completed Dragon Age II, when I finally did get it. The one think I hated though was the create a Shepard screen, There never good looking and it wasn’t until I started to read about others with the sharing of slider numbers etc. After much understanding I got a lil better.

Commander Azariah Shepard

I’ve started another play thru since I’ve pre-ordered Mass Effect Andromeda, and unlike my peers who are fans of Shepard, I hated my ending also in the trilogy. But hope is looking up to be in the next saga of mass Effect I’m hyped about it. I’m hoping my save from the trilogy [especially that up to Mass Effect 2] can be used for history purposes in ME:Andromeda. It prolly won’t be but hey a lass can hope, Wish right?!

But I’ve played this game countless times and yet I still discover stuff I have missed in pry plays but I thought for those of you who find it awkward, terrible to get a decent looking Shepard I’d share my Sliders and codes so you can steal [With my permission obviously] to get a good looking Shepard. So my first share is Azariah Shepard, She’s my Vanguard, War hero, Spacer. Slider numbers are below the image.

Want me to in your game?!

Sliders need to be all the way to your left hand side [Not sure which is left and right hold ya hands up the hand that makes a L with your index finger and thumb that is ya left!], Now that you have them hard up against the left There set at 0. Now you you click the right arrows it move the slider across, Moving it one over is 1.

Facial Structure

  • Facial Structure – 7
  • Skin Tone – 2
  • Complexion – 1
  • Scar – any or none


  • Neck Thickness – 5
  • Face Size 6
  • Cheek Width – 15
  • Cheek Bones – 21
  • Cheek Gaunt – 1
  • Ears Size -1
  • Ears Orientation -1


  • Eye Shape -9
  • Eye Height -31
  • Eye Width -19
  • Eye Depth -6
  • Brow -1
  • Brow Height -20
  • Brow Colour -11


  • Chin Height -18
  • Chin Depth – 2
  • Chin Width – 11
  • Jaw Width – 11


  • Mouth Shape – 8
  • Mouth Depth – 1
  • Mouth Width – 1
  • Lip Size -17
  • Mouth Height – 7


  • Nose shape – 6
  • Nose height -4
  • Nose Depth – 1


  • Hair Colour -5
  • Hair – Whatever you want
  • Brow -4
  • Brow Colour -5

Make up

  • Blush Colour -What ever you want
  • Lip Stick – Whatever you want
  • Eye Shadow – Whatever you want