A Need for Sim3 Speed!

I used to play The Sims 3 a lot, my first sim game was The Sims, I still have it with all expansions and such but back then I was blogging heavy at Live Journal so its well before 2007. And a few LJ friends I had also played and we make houses with our dearest LJ friends or anyone that suggested actually to be made.

Roxxi Mantissa as an Elder.The Novety of this didn’t last and then Sims 2 came out and i just never got in to it Until The Sims 3. I made my first Sim a Female I named Roxxi Mantissa. her name was a Pen name I used while pen palling in my mid to late teens which was a Mix of a few bands, Mantissa was an Australian band formerly called Killing Time but due to Another band having the same name they became Mantissa. Then Roxxi Was part of Roxxi Gang, An American band. One sim was enough I thought until She started to hook up with Beau merrick and provided gorgeous sim babies! Then years later I ended up with 30 Something sims across my game which I played for 4 years!!!

I loaded that today last play was back in 2016! And my save still worked but the loading was so fast and Then we had graphic card issues but got beyond that, So now I have my Sims 3 back.

However having a new System helps a lot obviously, But I had started to think I was never gonna get back to playing my Original Merricks. I debating if I share them on my Simblr or make a new Simblr to share about them.

I also playing with settings higher than I ever have had. When it first loaded it had changed my settings I normally used to its own after the graphic card warning popped. Those settings you can view as the featured imaged to this post.