Simblr Updated with CC!


Yesterday I spent a lil’ time updating and sorting out my Simblr. For months I been either busy or reality has taken my time away to put anything on it or update it as I had one so in the past. It got that way in late 2016 I was debating of Deleting it because I felt very detached to it and everyone in the community. In all I love the community But when reality hauls your ass away you get so out of date with  those you adore and follow and you can’t really claim friendship  when There mostly favorite reads or  CC down-loaders. Sure It be nice to find  some who one could call an online friend, But I been simblr now for over 6 years (yes I did delete my Simblr in its 4th year, only to resurrect it) And i considered deleting it and just focusing on my blog/domain but I just can’t even comprehend doing that.

So I installed all my CC on its own lil section on there under CC by me, I basically spammed everyone is the honest gods forsaken truth and i prolly annoyed a lot of peeps doing it but Its done, and while I was updating last night I learned I been with Simsworkshop for a year! This also implies its been a year I removed all my CC from TSR and walked away. Why?

Well While TSR is a great site don’t get me wrong I still download from it, It just not ideal for the content I create, my In This Moment Shirt was rejected due to one Selection of a Naked Marina Brinks, She she has her back to the camera and you see a lil bit of ass cheek but that was enough to reject it, But while they rejected that They approved my Iron maiden Shirt which as the go fuck yourself salute and they approved that which if they  felt so strong to there Terms and conditions Should have rejected that also. Well You think they would wouldn’t you?! but nope …

So I felt very restricted, very limited I felt on edge with what next would get rejected, what was iffy and what wasn’t and it made creating stuff just a dread-mare, When this was happening I learned/heard of Simsworkshop and went to look, I asked questions of what was allowed, what wasn’t and to my surprise they basically said as long as I tag such content with NSFW, It was fine. I uploaded all my CC to them and here we are a year later and a well-known member! Gotta love Simsworkshop for being modern!

So yep, Still creating CC, Still loving Simsworkshop and my CC is also listed on my Simblr for the Simblr community to locate! wanna go Peek at my Simblr/Tumblr click the image and go go go!