Reapers are coming!

I’ve managed to complete Mass Effect 2 last night and Moved on to Mass Effect 3, The Final in the trilology. My new Rig with the Settings on Ulta with most games is just wonderful! I will prolly never have to edit another screenshot ever again now.

But I’m making Commander Shepard work his ass of to save the galaxy before March 23rd! (NZ Release date) for Andromeda. I planning to play Sara Ryder in that and shag her ass off with Liam. However with what I have read and understand in Andromeda you can sleep around depending who you with You Can also get away with it or end up in in your own personal hell. Apparently Bioware have stated that they took a page from CD Projectk Red Who created the Witcher games. Which should make the game awesome!

Spoke with Mightyape in regards to a few orders I have, They irk me sometimes they have this terrible issue when you order something you could be waiting, and aiting only to know what you order is never coming. So I had to chase up one order that seems to be “screwing about” I’ll hear via email how that is actually going on.

Planning to make some Icons for myself I have over 200 Slots for Icons and I don’t even have half used LOL!