In a Dragon Age where parties exist …

So this morning the Courier delivered one of my many orders that are expected next week, But I sure wont complain It just have me wonder what next may appear this weekend while I am away. I’m heading on a road trip tomorrow to Tauranga, My youngest daughter is celebrating her 21st Birthday so I’m heading there with her father to celebrate with her.

Though some one will be home here still I just am not looking afford to a heap of deliveries while I’m not here. But shit happens and there is sweet fuck all I can do anything about that. But on a brighter note I have another book to color!

I was looking at themes for this blog but came to the idea its prolly best I just create my own theme and use that for this blog, Unless I can also resurrect an old theme I made  years ago if it even works with WordPress.

I was considering of transferring my LJ posts to there, I’m still debating this and then looking at a Cross poster for LJ from here.  I may still do it as said Its a consideration at the current time.

Anyways I have a shit load of things I wanna, Need to do and I’m slacking being here! [lol]