Andromeda Discovery & Exploration

I have never been a fan of Star Trek, though I am a fan of Star Wars. So you would think such a person would be crazy about Mass Effect? Wrong I never pre-ordered any of the trilogy It was much later after Mass Effect 3 I decided to read more about it and see let’s play videos that got my interest. When The trilogy was available on Origin I caved at a sale and got it. Who would have though I love this game and my beloved Shepard oh whom I decided to create and play.

I recently completed another play through of this game and was in hope we could import our saves to Andromeda. Sadly that is not so and Though I am very hyped about Andromeda, Unlike many other fans who are Shepard saviors who don’t or fear it may be as bad as they experienced. For me no way I am hyped I am ready to explore and discover!

I pre-ordered Mass Effect Andromeda in January this year And now Its only 18 days away as I type this, I just placed a countdown on my blog and I’m like a kid in a candy store awaiting in a que for attention. I leave to to watch the latest video of Mass Effect: Andromeda.