19 years ago …

Boy I went thru some crap pry to getting sons! Between my daughters I miscarried twins, Then After my youngest Daughter; Ms 21 I experienced Recurrent Miscarriage, After such a time with those experiences I fell pregnant again and the doctors basically monitored  That pregnancy very closely Then March 12th I gave birth to my first son. A SON!

Today, 19 years ago in fact I gave birth to my eldest son; Master S!! I remember Pry to his existence I related to both my daughters before I knew their sexes as “He”, I dunno why But I think It must been the viking in my veins, Having a Son was important and when I discovered that I had two daughters pry I had given up hope that the gods where gonna gift me a Son!

Obviously I had another son after him which was my last child but 19 years ago today was my first son, Blessed finally by the gods and now He lives in another province has a job and is doing well. His path in life tells me I did good as a parent But so does the doings of my daughters also. as a Single parent I did fucking well to raising my kids and teaching/guiding them rights and wrongs.

Anyways spoken to him already and wished him a good day.