Launch … 3.2.1

I have played Mass Effect Trilogy many a time. But we have waited 5 years to have a new Mass Effect. Mass Effect 3 was good, Though many a fan have a different point of view on the trilogy Ending. But it was disappointing that Commander Shepard had his fateful end. In my games I’ve tried all and just loved the synthetic ending. But in a matter of days via my Vault Access on Origin I get to play Mass Effect Andromeda a week pry to it’s Launch. I paid for both my Son and I to enjoy our Andromeda experience with out awaiting for deliveries of our copies on the 23rd. So my blog is gonna end up with footage, I plan to record but that may happen after my first play through I like to enjoy the game first without record issues etc.

For now enjoy this video, The official Launch Trailer.

Note: I do not own the video included It is an Official of Bioware/EA Games. I do not claim any rights or so to it but merely sharing from a fan point of view. Its all about the hype right anyway