5 days … Living in a Fallout.

     I’ve been playing Fallout 4, I tried to play it when it first came out but my save was wiped and I was pissed off enough to not bother again at the time and the fact  I prolly was beta testing anyways so I got over it. I decided to  try it again and now I’m sitting at level 55 or there about. I managed to find my “son” Shaun (ironic because I know where my son Sean is) But I hated the Institute, How the doctors spoke really had me think “Fuck you” While doing a few quests with them I started to just not feel anything for my so called elderly son and I shot him in his quarters.

It ended up being hell raising hell but I was shooting everything and anything that shot me. Lucky I knew where the Lift was and Left the way I came in HAHA! So now I’m a wanted man in my game and I’m doing what I can to survive.

So why did I decided to shoot Shaun, Something in me just didn’t click, Sure he’s prolly actually dead regarding my hero around 200 something in age, So I just pulled the trigger, The old Saying I brought you in this world I can take you out. But When I looted him He pretty much was a synth. No regrets!

Some of the sights in this game I like even though it’s  ugly after nukes destroyed it, So I only have 5 days till the game I playing to play is launched so I’ll be living in Fallout 4 till then.