A Crash into Andromeda.

And that basically how it was starting in the game, Falling, falling and the flashes of death that had once been experienced with our previous Hero Commander Shepard rushed through my mind and my first words “Embrace death!” But If you haven’t yet played the game you just have to go play to see what my next thoughts possibly where. There has been a lot of critic about this game and honestly If you come looking to debate if You should spend that much money on a Bioware game. Yep It is worth the cost!

However The facial expressions are a concern but not overly a big concern, I believe TotalBiscuit said it perfectly about a paper bag fix. Keep your Helm on and you will never see it or notice those lil’ issues and hope for a fix later in time. Yes I hear many saying but I hate helms.. I hear you I really do But if your gonna be upset over a facial expression its a fix and It get you through the game without judging  the game on that issue and that alone. and those that are are truly not visual creatures, There is many a worse game out there  with more crappy graphic issues than picking a well created game over this one issue. so open your mind a lil’ just a lil to get past that fact.

And then the other issue I had was creation of Your Ryder  one setting is for a pale/white pathfinder 0.5  was my number for that the rest if you  like me and like to give your hero’s a lil sun tan would end up darker than desired when loaded in game. I think They need to equal that out a lil more and cover the issue of how it looks in creation to when its actually loaded. I have nothing agaist dark skin people, I’m Maori myself But hell Bioware be a lil’ equal on that.
As most know I beta test, I have beta Tested a lot of games in my time and while Bioware stated it was golden (Dev Talk for completed, Polished) I did find one bug/glitch and it prevents progression, Its a Side quest so not a big issue but annoying never the less, But There been other reports mentioned and fans can only hope if Bioware really did take a page from CDPROJECKT RED That they fix these ASAP and all of them not some or that one. But we will have to wait and see if that is such the case.

A side from the bug and the facial issues Its a Good game, I did everything side quests and story line and completed it in 4 days!

I would have given it a five star rating but I known from past experience How patches go with Mass Effect, Hell they never fixed the Black Pixel box issue that AMD machines endure So 4 stars!