Caitlin: The Huntress [Part 1]

Caitlin was unlike other Vikings, While those she associated with were sheildmaidens, She had the reputation as a archer. She was known to barrage eight arrows from her bow in a single shot. A skill that took years of practice. But she was respected among many and known in Kattegat. She was also a what was known as a free women unlike her cousin; Margrethe who was a slave. A slave that served four of the Sons of Ragnar, sexually.

Bjorn Ragnarson leading his horse approached, he looked serious. Caitlin felt a ribbing to her side and the idle chatter eased to a nothing as she looked up. “Bjorn?!” She said surprised to see him approach. The look on his face was unreadable but it was clear something was going down.

Bjorn was the eldest son of Ragnar Lothbrok, King Ragnar. Thus made his five sons princes, Princes of the Danes. While Caitlin knew them she only associated with Bjorn due to hunting and trekking. Bjorn was the eldest and his mother was a known sheildmaiden, Lagertha. His brothers where mothered by Aslaug, The Queen and current wife of Ragnar. But Ragnar had disappeared six years ago. No one knew his where about and what had happened no one talked about it due to having no knowledge.

I have to go to the cabin my brothers are at” Bjorn replied as he watched Caitlin who was re-stringing her bow. she wasn’t even watching as she did it but she did it nevertheless as if it was normal, It was an impressive thing to watch and a female doing it made it a rare sight. “Do you know which cabin?

Caitlin finished re-stringing and tossed her quiver over her shoulder and approached “Let me get my horse and we’ll head out” she replied. She preferred to ride bareback and no one ever attempted to ride her stallion he was wild, untamed but only she could ride him. If others attempted and many had tried in their drunken state would get tossed to the ground just as quick as they attempted. she walked a lil out and whistled as a beautiful black horse with a small part of white and only on the muzzle appeared. She slapped his side and patted his back the dust blew in puffs, Once she was happy with less dust puffs she mounted and lead Bjorn in the direction they needed to see the other four Ragnarsons.

They been traveling a while, Bjorn glanced at her “I didn’t know Margrethe was your cousin?” he chimed breaking the silence. “Ironically She’s my second cousin. And I don’t know her at all. We live in two entirely different worlds to the other” Caitlin replied as she was looking out in the savanna below them. “I would have been a slave if it wasn’t for my father and his consist nagging to be a warrior

Really a warrior, you?!” Bjorn replied as he steadied his Horse beside her and looking out in the direction she been staring at.

Hmm mm He wanted me to be a sheildmaiden, Said I’d be better off than being a Slave, But the gods had a brighter purpose for me” she laughed

I guess having skill with a bow does that” Bjorn laughed with her before he added “So If you where to been a slave you prolly be in Margrethe’s shoes of serv … serving my family?

Serving as in sexually entertaining them?” Caitlin asked

You know about that?

Who doesn’t know?

Silence pinged the air again from discussion briefly “Yes I would have been a slave I guess, But no to servicing your brothers?

The discussion had ceased as they traveled on and now where approaching the cabin, Outside stood Ubbe, Hvitserk & Sigurd staring as their older brother rode on horseback along side Caitlin. “Wonder what this is about?” Ubbe said to them.

They withhold discussion as the two approached “Brother, what brings you out here?” Ubbe asked

Where is Ivar?” Bjorn asked

Sleeping but I’ll wake him” he replied heading in the cabin to wake the youngest of the four. Bjorn was dismounting as Caitlin was dealing to her horse who was getting finkle. “Don’t leave cat, We may need you to return yet” Bjorn said to her “Fine I just head down to the stream, Holler when you need me” She turned her horse a few times in that brief moment and her eyes caught Hvitserk staring at her and as quick as she noticed she broke contact and headed her horse down towards the stream a distance away from the cabin.

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