End of a LJ!

Back in the dark ages, When Vikings where fighting and feasting … Wait waaaait that’s a different tale!

Back in earlier 2000 I started to blog at Diaryland, I also discovered how to make a crappy lil website with Geocities in a time they had free websites, Do they even still exist or do that?! I wanted to have my blog with my site and the only blog system that did that was LiveJournal. back then it was owned by its founder Brad. The travels of LJ, El jay, Live Journal as it was labeled, called would go through some changes besides give me a roller coaster of emotions and serve me with some wonderful friends who I still associate with today besides leave me with memories of  cunt faces I learn where frauds over time.

I got my Permanent account by a good man many of us knew as Joe. I did a job for him which payment for doing it was my permanent account I was utterly surprised but loved what he did and at the time I was a religious personal blogger. sadly he was killed via Motorcycle accident on a brand new bike he had got and All I had/have to remember him  of his kindness and friendship was three Comic KISS books I still have and my Permanent account I just can’t drag myself to delete it, Even now with the new Terms of Services the Russian company that now own it have implied on us. But I pulled my posts this morning I do not like how they want consist to Publish my photos/artwork or even content. Also the fact if your LGBT You need to mark your journal as Adult content.  Like What has some ones sexuality got to do with a blog that may not even be based on sex at all?!

It basically is a noose to hang you by your neck and watch you cave to there rules. And then the whole LGBT thing is pretty much trying to silent people, So I deleted every post, photo, album, artwork, Icon, and left my LJ account as a shell! They have to delete it because I merely just cannot do it myself! So finally 16 years today, I made my LJ, And 16 years later on the same day it ceases to have a use due to the Terms of Service which I agreed to yes only to remove my posts, content so they can’s use it! If i was considering to sign up now for it, I would not bother!