Finally WordPress2Blogger!


For ages I looked at exporting posts to Blogger from WordPress, Ironically there is millions of tutorial sites explaining how to do it but there links to the export is So out of date it makes it impossible. Until this evening …
After a lovely chat with my Doppelganger; Duchess Webb I decided I try again at looking at blogger and exporting. I want my domain blog for gaming But my Blogger for personal posts and Here we are.. Finally with the few posts exported from my domain to here. I’m so very fuckin’ stoked! One good thing from today’s adventures at least!
      So while I been reading MonsterMartha’s blog and she reminding me of meme’s, Which I used to enjoying doing when I used to blog religiously at Live journal, I may just get back in to doing it. It feels right to have a personal blog, To post about my reality with out past wenches prying eyes.
ah, Wenches!
Yes a topic I have long avoided, ignored and held my head extremely high. And while one could post about them and there snarky posts I don’t intend too. They don’t deserve the attention they so long to desire, Fuck em!
Though I ned new blogs to read, I enjoy having my morning coffee and reading blogs and now I just gonna find some.. If you have any direction to some .. Point me quick!
And I also need to create a new theme!