Ching A ching Ching!

I’d been eyeing up a few games over a few months and I finally got a few yesturday. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Only released last week but I was heavy in to Mass Effect Andromeda. I love it reminds me of Diablo III but just that much more appeasing.

I’m currently downloading Dishonored again and I caved and got Dishonored 2 since its on sale via Steam.

I also managed to get two more movies to complete our Taken DvD, Taken 2 and Taken 3 with Liam Neeson. I really, Really wanna see the NBC Show of Taken with Clive Standen in it But that isn’t happening any fuckin’ day soon. as good as it gets I get to view his Instagram and Wish!

The rain has stopped for now but the wind is still battling on us, Eye of the storm pretty much Sunny, Blue skies with a patches of cloud moving back on to us. Tomorrow is set for more freaking rain! Winter is most definitely here!

Beta testing for the necromancer in Diablo III is approaching, I will not be surprised if I get selected to test, I’ve been selected many a time to test something for Blizzard. Just if Its got a NDA on it I cant share anything.. If not Then peek a boo for my game blog.

Cats are driving me insane this morning .. I feeling like crap which doesn’t help.