Pop Vinyl Collection … growing.

I got in to buying these guys due to World of Warcraft, Sylvanas also known as teh Banshee Queen, The Dark Lady and Now our Warchief is my favorite Lore tale to date. So I got her as my first Pop Vinyl Game Collection. However Khalessi likes her to she managed to haul her from  the speakers I used to have out to another section of the house in the old house we lived in.

Since then I have managed to get my mitts on LichKing, Deathwing, Illidian. The vinyl of The witcher in the photo to the right  is not a pop vinyl but a limited vinyl from the Witcher Store.

I also have Commander Shepard and Miranda Lawson!

It’s only be recent Pop Vinyl released a Witcher set and I managed to gain Geralt, Ciri and am awaiting Eredin to arrive. I doubt I get triss or Yen since there sold out.

I’m a sucker when it comes to games I like and collectibles..  Hell I was lucky enough to get the Plushes of Flyers from Blizzard store just for vanity pets, But I still have the plushes and then The Other plushy I have is of Charlie teh Charr from Guildwars2.

Yep I am a sucker when it comes to these cuties!