New Theme: BBG Revived!

I closed my domain, And Pointed it to Direct to here (Here being Blogspot at the time of this post) along with the other two domains They expire in a few months. I’m simply over hosting my own site and dealing with tech staff who fuck about and take a month or so to help solve issues. It was fun while it lasted.

If anyone come looking for my Custom Content there best to visit my Simblr where all that will be located.

The Theme I am using I made, Revived it from a very old WordPress Theme and had to read up to install for here. I may get in the habit to make more themes for blog and share em about. may being the keyword!
So the past 2 days I have had scammers pretending to be Microsoft, hoping to help me with a issue.. as if I have an Issue!? The first day i noticed straight off and basically said your a bullshitter and hung up. They called back a few minutes later but said nothing and hung up. Yesterday they tried again, I asked teh moron on the other end.. What a computer? by the 6th time asking this he couldn’t answer and so I let him have it by saying your suppose to work for Microsoft yet you can’t answer that question you fuckin’ idiot?! And hung up. I expected they call today  Their calls have been between1 – 2PM New Zealand time. They haven’t so far today. How it feel to be pwned by a girl bitches?! HAHA