NZ Couriers Nightmare!!!

This company has to be the worst company I have ever endured in my life.If I can avoid having to use them I normally do. However when I was a teen I was heavy in to Pen Palling and a Friend at the time shipped me some vinyls of a selection of bands I was actually in to. The parcel never came to my house intact, It had been delivered to a neighbor who had opened the parcel and gained all that was with in it, Letters, Candy, Vinyl, The stuff friends sent for there new found friend who lived far away. a Few days after the parcel appeared at my mail box. not in a bag, just teh 4 vinyls and it been handled rough as hell.

Obviously at this time CD’s where a new craze and vinyls where on there way out so Assuming my neighbor who apparently hated my music didn’t have a turntable to listen to it on had returned them.

I was something like 16 or 17 at the time. But the bullshit experience we had to try get the company to correct their error which was the dipshit driver did not read numbers to the addresses correctly.

Now jump ahead .. I’m in my early 40’s and While that experience with this company has had me unsure, not trusting them I have had no choice but to use them with another company. and Now They done it again  just the contents are not vinyl but  they cost $141.00 NZ Dollars and the signature seems like a waste of time because drivers are known according to their help desk to “Sign” it. Hmm excuse me you wankers but a signature is for a reason for a SECURE way to cover a costly parecl and if it means a return to depot it means a return not for your stupid ass drivers to sign it and leave it!!!!

Of all the companies I have dealt with in regards to shipping these guys are really UNTRUSTING!