Been on Hiatus…

I’m terrible when it comes to blogging on a regular basis, I paid for this and Started to work on it but got sick so it didn’t get sorted, Finally I have the layout done and I’m yet again sick. If you been following me on my personal Facebook you know I have swollen feet due to a spider bite, Its been weeks that I been like this and I am still like it.. hobbit feet just without the hair!


I’ve poked my nose in Guildwars2 a few times even played a lil but I just don’t find it appealing … Let my WoW account sub expired because.. Bored! So I been between games. July came and went, It was also a anniversary of my Cutting a 20 something friendship a year ago. Here’s to 20 something with out a crap Old friend who isn’t actually a friend. I also ceased to try anymore with another friend who say they be about but just never where, Done flogging that dead horse!

Anyways I’m off to have a lil game of Skyrim! Least we got this sorted to use more now right!?