Skyrim: Luciferno


I’ve always had the name Luciferno in most games I’ve played when playing a male character And He’s always been a dark horse of a man or in WoW’s case Blood elf! I created teh first Luciferno in WoW around the time I made my druid; Pookiewookie and was on Wyrmrest Accord which is a Role play server. While Pookie originally was a gay styles toon just to annoy my then friend Dragonsfire with his mage I made Luciferno for teh hell of it, however he had so many whispers due to many trying to get a word out, He was played as a Toon who seldom said a word and when he did he came across as a man-whore which lead to whispers and had *ME* freak out and driven enough to transfer him to Dath’Remar where he still resides still today.

But I made him also in Skyrim, and Now he’s my next toon’s follower thanks to Familiar Faces mod. Maybe in Time I may share him for download but for now.. Fat chance!

Skyrim Console tip: To adjust heights on NPCS.

Hit Tilde key ~

Click desired NPC

Type: setscale 1.10

Close Console.

Default height is 1 while 2 is twice as high. 1.10 is what I prefer on males.