Caitlin: The Huntress [Part 2]

Part 1

Hvitserk stood watching as Caitlin’s gaze met his stare, He had heard about her but never met her directly. He watched as she kicked her horse after replying Bjorn. Her long dark hair flew with the wind that collected it as she left the brothers. “Whose  that?” Hvitserk asked when he felt she wasn’t in ear range.

Caitlin” Bjorn replied as he glanced in the direction of her “She’s a free women

But she serves you?

She chooses to do so, She isn’t forced to” Bjorn looked at Hvitserk, who has grinning “You’ll be lucky‘ Bjorn laughed as they both sat down on stumps outside the cabin. Ubbe returned with Ivar who was still awaking from his nap. “I’ve had word that father has another son in Mercia” Bjorn added looking at his Brothers.

What’s his name?” Ubbe asked

Apparently Magus” Bjorn started to discuss what the messager had delivered.

Caitlin rode hard, The wind rushed by her ears muffling the sound of anything and dragging her hair back, as they approached the stream, slowing down she leaped off her horses back who already started to drink. She bent down and splashed water over her face a lil upstream to her horse. She peered out seeing the hues of greens and browns with trees and grass. A breeze tasseled the grass while bee’s danced from wildflowers collecting pollen. Caitlin took a deep drink of the water, fresh and chilled from the mountains which possibly had snow on them at this time of year.

She glanced back at the direction she rode from the slight hill rise blocked any view, she then approached her horse and patted him, The dust still was there just not like she had first discovered. “Rolling in that damn dirt again, uh Gallon” She sat beside him and laid back staring at the sky, It was blue with high white clouds, she pulled out her knife and started to twirl it in her hands when the sound of footsteps approached, she sat up quickly and looked to see Bjorn “Bring Gallon to the cabin we’ll put him in with the others, we staying the night and shall head back in the morning

We could make it back ...”

I can’t afford to risk my brothers Catlin

Their old enough to look after thems…

It’s not the point, and my choice is final

Ok, Sorry” she replied

Also be aware Hvitserk’s on the prowl for you” Bjorn smirked “I have warned him otherwise, but my brother can be.. headstrong when he puts his mind to it