The Big Bang Theory has had a few episodes  which cover the guys and World of Warcraft, The above video is when Sheldon has his mount stolen so he calls the cops. I’ve had my account since 2007 Not once have I ever had it hacked though I know people who have been hacked. The closest I have had to deal to a hacked account was my daughter Ms J, She had her account hacked a day pry to us receiving her Authentication. I had to deal to getting it back since payments at teh time where from my Credit card and she was under 18. Lucky enough the Staff at Blizzard got it back for us.

She had all her stuff returned and teh access money was sorted to what she did have. However when my other daughter Ms C had her Guildwars2 account hacked, Support failed to assist her in getting any of her items back, She was geared and well sorted and it was all gone, Sadly support just did not assist to getting her set back up and It was heartbreaking she spent hours working on her main only to be put off teh game completely due to a lack of support assistance and understanding.

So if your new to MMO gaming what can you do to prevent this happening to you?!

  1. Never EVER share your account with anyone. You would not share your House key with just anyone so why would you a game you enjoy? If they want to play it that bad tell them to go get there own account!
  2. Be aware of scams, Gold sellers try anything to make a fast dollar in game to give to people who have paid real money to get what you work for and to be rich in game to blow that in game cash on crap they prolly got work their own asses for at a much better deal but there lazy fucks.
  3. Don’t click URLS in trade/general whatever chat, If you do.. That is a risk your taking!!!
  4. Ask about your guild or your friends what is common knowledge of hacking per game just be aware doing this can excite the trolls!

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