Full Circle.

gw054-e1506250768404.jpgIn early 2006 I started to play Guildwars on European servers and later that year I switched to American servers. I been lucky to meet people who gamed all over the world some Stuck out more than the next while a few who stuck out ended up being jack asses. In Guildwars I was lucky to meet 2 Guys who I called friend and Never had regrets knowing them. the first was “Animal” He played a ranger and would chill out in SJM and Our friendship got very  dear, However he just stopped playing shortly after teh release of Nightfall. I missed him and often think what happened.

The other i am still friends with, I call him a best friend but he’s also a kiwi and We shared many a game since besides a laugh and chat which is “Jeckal” We played monks together in Guildwars. However we been in World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Wild star, Tera to mention a few adventures. But he doesn’t game as much either now.

I got thinking while gaming Guildwars2, yes I returned after I caved and brought the expansion since it had mounts, But teh image above  had me thinking of alot of things, the Truth God Kormir I had experienced in Guildwars with my main and had many friends about besides being in a Well-known guild. Of everyone I met, knew and had disliked There is one guy that I regret every knowing after learning he was a fraud i had so many warn me of him “He’s a drama queen” “he’ll never make it out there” “Why do you tolerate him” Stuff i ignored and now looking back I wish I ran miles when I heard the first one said by his alliance members of our first alliance when I had my guild added with them.

New Years day of 2017 I told this person to leave me alone and never contact me they haven’t tried, bothered, actions speak so much louder. I find myself wondering what I’d do if I saw him in game and the chance is possible. Ignore pretend there invisible, zone out .. nomatter what i do I know I am better off with out them they lied, faked and shown there actions confirm the voices of the many who warned me.

Life in Tyria is brillant, Though I miss the old crew of male gamers I knew!!!!