You have no Fallout 4 ini File!

So I haven’t played Fallout 4 in a while, I had to reinstall since they have that new Creation Club and I loaded it with the Nexus client only to experience the following  …


… Many of endure this at some point and its a simple fix or two.

Firstly check you have a Fallout4Custom.ini Depending where you install your games and such this should be located in C:\Users\[PC name]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

You need to make this then yourself, Open NOTEPAD and copy paste the following text.

iLocation X=0
iLocation y=0


Now pry to saving  select the drop-down of File type so it reads all files. Then save it as Fallout4Custom.ini

If you achieved this and your directory now as that file along with fallout4.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini you done well. try loading Nexus client and it should no longer give you the nag window we first endured!

If your still getting you you failed and like most you prolly be dense or lazy and want to download this 7Zip file and extract in to the location you need the File. Yes it’s been made and you can use it!

DISCLAIMER:It is Virus Free! But You want it that badly its on your neck, By downloading this you take all risks and concerns and I am not liable.

Extract the file to your C:\Users\[PC name]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4 directory. remember depends on your game install you may have a different drive to me.

Download @ Google Drive