Sassy Brat … Ze Brat!


This evening in Guildwars 2, I got my jackal mount. With as many toons as I have I’ve dabbled with colors but find the “Slime Green” dye to be the best. So to match the mount I made my Reverant; Sassy Brat have the same colored amour! I may have to think about doing a Mogit page, Like I did for my Toons in WoW {I actually have to cross post those when I get around to it!} for the mix and match of amours I been doing when not wearing an “outfit”

So I played her a lil This evening along with switching to play my Guardian, I find my Ranger is not as much fun as she once was… But I’ll keep her prolly just use her to do the next content first with her like I do most games use my ‘main’ Then retire till next time.

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