About the Chicka

  • Name: Vyx, NV, Nightvyxen,
  • Age: 40 Something!
  • Status: Single.
  • Location: Down Under … Wot?!

A lil’bit about me.

I’m a mother of 4 adult children, [I relate to them in my blog as Ms J, Ms C, Mr S and Mr K] My youngest still lives at home but the other three have flown the coop. They are also gamers. I reside in New Zealand and I am proud of my heritage, I am a viking descendant on my father’s side, Our family Originate from Skåne County. Which once was inherited by Sigurd Snake in the Eye, While on my mother’s I am 5th generation to James “Worser” Heberley & Maata Te Naihi E Wai [Also known as Te Wai].

I’m a vivid girl gamer, Having been a known in the gaming community among many in Guildwars, I was within the [any] alliance that held Cavalon. And a Co-leader of the guild with in the Alliance known as [ReVo], While in World of Warcraft, I have been top 3rd Beast Mastery Hunter on Dath’Remar, Oceanic. Among most games I’m a known Achievement Collector. I am also a CC Creator for The Sims 4.

I’m a 24/7 caregiver for my mom, She has endured so much while I been her rock, The worse being breast cancer which we faced as a family along side her.

I enjoy television/movies, music, reading, artworks, gaming of course. My favorite actors are Marco Ilsøe [Vikings], David Lindström [Vikings] and François Arnaud [The Borgias].