Return to Azeroth!

WoWScrnShot_091517_115536So I resubscribed to World of Warcraft. I started off regretting it but Its no where near as disheartening as I had when I last played, Finally got a tone of stuff completed and am working towards flying … According to Wowhead’s planner I’ve still a lot to actually do.

I also got my Blizzcon Virtual ticket which this year gave a mount, It was pleasing to see rather than another mini/vanity pet of a Murlock .. Bravo Blizz! However the issue with my main still exists While she should be teh one to Hold the cheeve Points shes not and my Druid is seen as main. But slowly we’ll get it done.. so farming ICC .. could be on my agender!

End of Azeroth …

I started to play World of Warcraft in Nov. 2007. I had given up on Guild wars after much melodrama in the Faction farming community and with in the drama that associated with being in the [Any] Alliance and [ReVo] Guild.  To explain it a lil more I started Guild wars in 2006 after reading about it I started on Europe servers only to switch to US after a valuable lesson with a guild and it’s leader who I met and was hauled in to its drama with out knowing what was actually happening. I’ve never got along with people from the Netherlands, I dunno why But each individual I have met from that country just ends up being a terrible experience. So I try not to interact with such people I aim for US servers or most preferred now Oceanic/Australian servers.

I quit Guildwars in Nov. 2007 after drama, Loss of people who I thought where friends but proved they where not and I never looked back. I still have my account I just only log it once a blue moon a year to get birthday pressies. I went to WoW, No one knew me, I knew no one and I slowly met friends or my dearest Truth friends followed. Rik, Jeck, Blood, Just to name a few. It was awesome a fresh game and new world where we explored and had laughs like we all once had. However over time some of those I knew from Revo/Any would appear years later.

I seen changes with World of Warcraft, possibly more than any of my friends I stuck it out and as of today i canceled my subscription. Forcing my questing in to a mythic Dungeon is not what I finding fun, Its annoying and I hate it It’s preventing me carrying on  let alone enjoy the game. Its been this way for a few weeks after Legion was release and with patch 7.2 that launched last night its made it all the more disheartening. I canceled and I doubt I will be looking back or anything unless they remove the force people to a mythic.. I wanna enjoy it but so many assholes in dungeons along with the dreaded 33 minute wait to enter is a joke. So no I never got Lich King’s Mount I tossed in the towel.

Goodbye Azeroth!