What do you use to make your Custom Content for The Sims 4?

I use Sims4Studio, Photoshop CS6, The Sims Resource Workshop, Blender 3D, Milkshake 3D

Your own artwork what do you use?

Poser 9, Photoshop CS6

Can I please have access to Download (whatever) game from you please? Pretty please?

No, Don’t even ask giving access to my games is like offering my front door key to a random stranger who may flash himself at me in public. I dunno you I can’t be sure you wont steal my account, Not saying you would but how am I to know. Just do not ask me!

What are your Computer specifications?

Go read that over on this page.

Where you not on LiveJournal as Nightvixen? Do you still make blinkies, Glitter Icons etc??

I was, But name changed with different spelling. and no I no longer make blinkies, glitter Graphics, etc