Captain Vane

When I made my male blood elf Hunter Vané, I had Captain Charles Vane played by Zach McGowan in the TV series; Blacksails in mind. World of Warcraft Even has the title Captain which is something I’m currently working for to use on my adoring Vané. Now a Pirate must also look good so I worked out this transmog for him.



My third transmog I decided to do to match my mount  – Mystic Runesaber, Besides I also have Gara as my pet. This mogit  requires

I’m still currently using this mog  on my main, But actually want to do some edits with other pieces I farming to get … I’ll share once done.


Fel Hunter

After beating the living shit out of NPC Fel Rangari Anaara, with a few other hunters who also wanted the Fel Draenor Wolf pet I felt it was only fitting to base a mog off my new adored pet.  So Already have pants and boots along with Shoulder’s and many a flaming bow.. I worked with what I had. I did want different pants, but getting those have proven to be tiresome and some work. (AH currently has none either)

So that is my current mog for the end of the month heading in to September. I been working on a few others, one for Rogue and i’m still Hunting an ideal one for my druid.
Edit: So I just went to check AH for the Derízu Legguards and There was some on AH for 30gold buyout. I’m a very happy lassie right now.


Black Pirate

I have had a few ask about my Mogit sets I’m made for my Hunter, I’m only starting to get in to Mog alts so in time I possibly will share there  styles I create also. I seldom use a full set of other/older gear, I love to mix n’match, What drives me is color, If I can get a color match then it normal go’s to plan.This was my first mog set I did when it became available on Live Servers. I love the color black So being my first set I had to do a Black theme and I love Pirates! So I just had to have a eye patch to boot too ^_^Note the head piece is Leather, I no longer own this so if I was to redo it I’d have to find a different head piece, But as a Hunter You used to I dunno if you still can But you used to be able to use either leather or mail gear. I will have to check this So very rusty and I’ve always geared as mail.
The gear used in this theme is as follows …