Terms of Use

Before downloading my stuff, Please read the Terms of Use.
If you download my files, You here by have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

  • You are allowed to use my stuff in your screenshots (for your website, Tumblr , etc…)

Give Credit, Where it is Due.

Please do not!

  • Re-uploading my stuff.
  • Including my stuff in your upload.(Sim, Lot, Official Sim Gallery, Exchange, etc)
    Re-texture, Read below.
  • Using my stuff in pay items.
  • Reloading my stuff on to pay sites.

Uploading Re-texture

  • If you upload re-texture of my works, Please link to my site, for the Original Content.
  • Inform me that you have re-textured, With Info link or share so I can see what you have done, I may even support you with a link, as in official approval.
  • Do not include my Converison mesh in your Retextures/Recolours.
  • Do not Claim Mesh as yours.

This ToU may be edited without notice at any time without discretion .